The Quarry – Family zone


What is The Quarry zone?
It’s an area that includes bouldering, auto-belay climbing, a Ninja Warrior obstacle course and an augmented reality climbing wall.
Ninja Warrior
Have fun on one of the biggest Ninja Warrior obstacle courses in Canada! You will find three different courses with different obstacles and varying degrees of difficulty. *indoor shoes mandatory for that section

Boulder Climbing
Bouldering consists of climbing short, low routes without using ropes, which distinguishes it from other climbing styles. If you fall, a large mattress will cushion your fall. Different problems are created on the walls to please all levels and sizes.

You have the chance to climb more than 30 feet high in complete safety with our auto-belays. You just have to hook the auto-belay to your harness and you climb. Once you reach the top of the wall, you let yourself go and the auto-belay will bring you back down to the ground. In addition, there are different route difficulties available on the walls.

Augmented reality climbing wall
This wall is a mix of video game and boulder climbing. Thanks to a motion recognition system, you can play different games, similar to video games, on the climbing wall. You have the chance to choose between different games, either alone or in pairs.

Venez relever le défi de l'un des plus gros Ninja Warriors au Canada ! Testez vos habiletés en vous confrontant à divers éléments tels que le Salmon Ladder, le Ring Slider, Unstable Bridge, etc. Est-ce que le Ninja en vous saura réussir les épreuves d'une seule lancée? À vous de vous défier vous-même !

Reservation required for Ninja Warrior To find out more about Ninja Warrior
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