Who we are

Altitude Gym opened its doors in October 2010 on the grounds of an old church in Gatineau. The climbing center offers climbers of all levels a climbing experience of international scale and is constantly innovating to remain the leader in this field.

Altitude Gym Gatineau

  • More than 100 routes of top rope and / or lead from a height of 30 ft. in the main room and up to 45 ft. in the Annex;
  • 6,000 square ft. of block area;
  • A dozen auto-belays for solo climbers;
  • A training room with Moonboard;
  • An outdoor park with bouldering, training facilities including a Rig from Platinum Rig.

Altitude Gym imported the very first Clip ‘N Climb theme park from New Zealand. This park allows young people and families to become familiar with the first steps in climbing in a playful and highly coloured environment!

Altitude Gym Kanata

Most recently, in July 2017, Altitude Gym opened a second climbing center in Kanata. Always on the lookout for trends, it bet on the focus of climbers’ keen interest in bouldering.

  • Over 13,500 square ft. of bouldering with spectacular angles;
  • A boulder section specifically dedicated to families and beginners;
  • A training space with a Rig from Platinum Rig, Moonboard, and more;
  • 30-ft. high climbing routes with auto-belay.

Altitude Gym Kanata also has one of the biggest Ninja Warrior courses in Canada!

Leader in its field, Altitude Gym offers much and dreams BIG! Its objective: to share climbing with the greatest number of people and make the sport accessible to all! And this, in breathtaking and secure environments.

Venez relever le défi de l'un des plus gros Ninja Warriors au Canada ! Testez vos habiletés en vous confrontant à divers éléments tels que le Salmon Ladder, le Ring Slider, Unstable Bridge, etc. Est-ce que le Ninja en vous saura réussir les épreuves d'une seule lancée? À vous de vous défier vous-même !

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