Climbing courses

Would you like to learn different facets of the sport of climbing or simply improve your technique? Several courses are available!

Tope rope course

Lasting from 2 to 3 hours, the top rope course allows you to learn climbing techniques to be able to climb on a wall with a rope already installed on the wall. You will learn how to tie your figure eight knot and use the belay system.
Cost – $55 / participant
Minimum of 2 participants.
Reservation required.


Lead climbing course

The lead climbing Course is for climbers who are already skilled at climbing in top rope. Lasting 6 hours (2 courses of 3 hours each), this course allows you to learn a different belay technique (more advanced), how to take a controlled and safe fall and how to clip yourself to the wall during the progressive ascent.
Prerequisites: Have an accreditation in top rope at Altitude Gym and climb a level 5.10 easily.
Cost – $175.00 / participant
Minimum of 2 participants.
Reservation required.


Private and semi-private courses

It is possible to make an appointment with a private trainer who will be able to offer you the best advice to improve your technique. This one-hour personalized class can be done solo (private) or in duo (semi-private). The coach will observe your technique and advise you on your movements, offer you training techniques to improve and allow you to progress.
Cost :
Private – 75$ / hour per participant
Semi-private – $50 / hour per participant (Minimum of 2 participants)
Contact us at to make an appointment!

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