Are our climbing centers open?
Both Altitude Gym climbing centers will be closed until further notice in accordance with the government’s recommendations.

When do you expect to reopen?
The government is asking all gyms to be shut down until March 31st. This date is subject to change depending on decisions to be made in the next few days by government authorities. Unfortunately, no official date can be announced at this time.

What happens to my membership?
Each membership will be frozen during our closed period. The number of closing days will be added at the end of your membership, so there will be no loss to the customer.

DPA Members
DPAs will be billed as usual, however, the number of days we are closed will be added at the end of your membership.

Are all your services and programs cancelled?
All of our programs and services that take place between now and March 27th are cancelled. We will then be able to re-evaluate the situation and let you know.

What happens if my child’s program has been cancelled?
Some classes and camps have been cancelled this week, if your child was in one of these programs, we will contact you to arrange for a refund. We ask you to be patient, it may take a few days as we have several cases to manage.

Do you still take bookings for groups or birthdays?
We take reservations for groups or birthday parties that will be held from June 1st. Due to the uncertainty behind the spread of the virus, we cannot guarantee anything before this date. You can still write to us at infokanata@altitudegym.ca and we will put your reservation on hold. When we have a reopening date, we will be able to contact you for an official reservation.

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Reservation required for Ninja Warrior To find out more about Ninja Warrior


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