Gift cards

We offer gift card, applicable on any services or product at Altitude Gym. Gift cards are available online or at the reception of the gym.

Minimum of $10
Maximum of $1000

To buy a online gift card, click here

Membership rates

1 month: $95
3 months: $260
6 months: $395
6 months (students, 25 years old and under): $365
12 months (1 year): $575
12 months (Students, 25 years old and under): $515

Family membership

A family membership is composed of a minimum of 3 people residing at the same address and belonging to the same family. It must include a parent or guardian.

Year for the first member: $575
Year for other members of the family aged 14 and over: $325
year for other members of the family aged 13 and under: $215

Multigym pass

An amount will be added to the subscription based on the number of registered months. The amount is valid for one.
1 month: $40
3 months: $75
6 months: $100
1 year: $125

Other options are available, come see us at the front desk!

Daily rates

Day pass: $14.75
Student pass: $13.05
Boulder only : $13.05
13 & under : $9.95
Clip ‘N Climb session 1h15 (Reservation required): $14.95
Thursday and Friday after 8:30 pm : $7.95
Special Monday for the Alpine club, Carleton club et UOttawa Club: $10.50


Shoes: $4.35
Harness: $4.00
Belay devices: $2.25
Chalk bag: $2.50
Package (three different items): $8.00


Belay certification: $4.00 ︱ Lead certification: $8.00
“Entrez grimpez”, a one-hour belay course that includes a one-day entrance and equipment rental: $35.00
Top rope belay course (one hour long): $12.00
Top rope belay refresher course (20 minutes long): $8.00
Lead climbing course (2 courses of 3 hours long: total 6 hours): $129.99

Equipment & Snacks

Different items are for sale at the front desk such as carabiners, magnesia bags, magnesia, clothing, etc.

We have drinks and snacks on site, such as granola bars, chips, kombucha, juice, etc.

Please note:
Taxes are not included in the price.
Rates are subject to change without notice.


35 Boulevard Saint-Raymond,
Gatineau, Québec, J8Y 1R5

819-205-0959 819-205-0960 info@altitudegym.ca
Business hours

Monday to Wednesday : 10 am to 11 pm
Thursday & Friday : 10 am to 11:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday : 10 am to 10 pm

Participation agreement